Laser tag – or IQS end of semester party

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We were planning an end of the semester party since, well, the end of the last semester. But because we were busy with exams, we decided to postpone it for the first week of the semester. Then, the first week was super busy with everybody moving back in (and me getting over jet lag). Eventually we couldn’t agree on a day to meet all of us, so we postponed it until this last Thursday when most people were available.
Another big problem was what to do. Out of several proposals such as a scientific safari, karaoke, hiking, or bowling, we eventually decided to go laser tag!
Before this, we had a common IQS dinner with most of the people:
Then the fun began!
I never played before so during the first game I had no idea what was going on. So I ended up on the last place. Luckily, by the second game I sort of understood what was going on so I did somehow better.
We had a really good time together.
I hope we will have more activities together as a group. I think I already mentioned that this IQS class has managed in bonding people much more than any other class!