Major declaration – or The biggest spontaneous decision of my life

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  3. Major declaration – or The biggest spontaneous decision of my life
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These past 2 weeks have been crazy and full of work. But for some miracle that I still can’t figure out, I found that the Computer Science impossible project due on Friday at 5PM was actually not that impossible. After working in class with the teacher through 3 quarters of it, I somehow found myself done with the project on Wednesday evening.
Yuppy!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually have a single paper due this week, then 4 exams next week, and work is over! To give myself an award for being such a good student and finishing my CS project, I decided not to do any work on Thursday.
With such a decision in mind taken on Wednesday night, I found myself on Thursday at 10:10, when my IQS class was over, with nothing to do. But with less than 1 week until the exams, I couldn’t just waste time. I had to do something useful. Then I remembered how just a few days ago I asked my IQS chem teacher, who also happens to be the chair of the Chemistry department, how I can declare my major. She said that all I have to do is take a form from the first floor, fill it out, and get her sign it. Then I thought, how about doing that small bureaucracy affair that I have to do at some point anyway? Considering my strong pre-Richmond background in chem, it is not like there can be something to change my mind. 5 minutes later, I took a form, filled it out, and at 10:20 I was knocking on my teacher’s door to ask her to sign it.
I never actually expected it to be a big deal, since it wasn’t for me, but apparently it sort of is. My teacher was more enthusiastic than I had ever seen her before, congratulated me, and welcomed me in the Chemistry department. She made me choose between 2 major advisers. I had to choose between my IQS chem teacher from the first semester, and another professor that is pretty cool, but doesn’t know me that well. I ended up choosing my former IQS teacher.
After leaving her office, I headed to the registrar’s office to leave my form. On my way there, I met a friend of mine, junior chemistry major. I told her that I was going to hand in a major declaration form, and we both moved on.
Coming back from the registrar’s office, I decided to go let my new adviser know that she will soon have a new advisee. So I did, and I was again shocked by another unusual level of enthusiasm, that this time also included a hug and invitations to play cricket.
By this point it was 10:45. It actually took me much longer to write all these than it took the whole process to actually happen.
Then I went to lunch. There I met my friend that I had passed on my way to registrar’s. As soon as she saw me, she apologized for being in such a hurry earlier when I told her the great news, congratulated me, and welcomed me to the department. I finally got to ask her the question that was on my lips for quite a while, but I didn’t dare to ask any professor: what is the big deal? I just filled out a form. All these people that knew me knew that I was going to declare a Chemistry major anyway, so why were they so unusually happy? It is not like it matters when I declare a major. She replied that this is the Chemistry Department, and basically, this is the University of Richmond: everybody is happy for you.