Si azi este ziua cea mult asteptata – sfarsitul semestrului, sfarsitul unei saptamani de crize de invatat si examene… Terapia: muzica franceza si seriale Sex and the City cand simti ca explodezi daca mai vezi o pagina de microeconomics…
Si tot astazi s-a mai adeverit o regula personala: When you think it can’t get worse, well you will be amazed how much worse it can get… But, when everything is over, it will be much much better than you imagined 😀 Si cand am terminat ultimul paper due, I felt relieved and happy to do nothing for a while. Prin urmare, mi-am verificat e-mailul si… surpriza: interview in January with another investment bank. Scored!!! Cum am avut o pauza in blogging, I forgot to mention that The Dream  mentioned in the previous blogs fell apart… fortunately, nici nu am avut timp to get down because next day I had another one in the row… si nu cu oricine… ci cu competitia lor Nr 1. So my dream did not actually fell apart, it just changed names 😛
So I welcome a month of getting my life together and cleaning all its mess 🙂
P.S.: Miss my true friends so badly… time to go home!